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ISBN #: 978-0-263-87926-1
November 2010
Mills & Boon
Mass Market Paperback
5.30 (English Pounds)
177 Pages
Contemporary Romance (Medical)
Rating: 3 Cups

Dr Zinetti’s Snowkissed Bride by Sarah Morgan

Meg is a nurse in the Emergency Department of the local hospital, and she and her dog Rambo are an important part of the local Search and Rescue team. She is the single mother of a young son.

Dino is a doctor in the same department as Meg. He is tall, dark, and handsome, a brilliant doctor from a wealthy family and a former Olympic gold medalist. He is also on the Search and Rescue team.

Meg does not date; she works hard both at the hospital and with her Search and Rescue dog. Her entire life revolves around that and her son. Dr. Dino Zinetti wants to change all that but has to tread carefully. Meg has been hurt badly in the past and has built walls that will be difficult to remove.

This is a wonderful Christmas romance with an interesting sidelight on the workings of a Search and Rescue operation. Dino and Meg have more than a few issues to deal with, and Meg’s son steals every scene he is in. There is enough excitement and sensual love scenes enough to keep any reader interested.

The Christmas Baby Bump by Lynne Marshall

Stephanie Bennett is an OB/GYN doctor. She is a beautiful redhead who has never recovered from the grief and guilt of losing her young son.

Phil Hansen is a pulmonary specialist in the body of a surf god. He is a playboy and not interested in a permanent relationship. He is taking care of his young half brother who has Down’s Syndrome.

Stephanie has taken a temporary position in Santa Barbara to get away from things for the holidays. Phil Hansen takes one look at Stephanie and is determined to get to know her better. Stephanie’s defenses and the needs of his feisty half brother seem to end the relationship before it begins, but Phil is determined to solve the mystery of Stephanie’s sadness and her reluctance to deal with children.

This is an enjoyable story of a woman’s recovery from a horrible tragedy. Phil is a very likeable character, and Stephanie is very sympathetic. The author had a good grasp of medical things and explains them so that anyone can understand them. The setting is wasted a bit on this story, but the Christmas theme is very appropriate.

This is a two-in-one book with two complete novels bound together. They share a Christmas and medical romance theme but are otherwise unconnected. Both stories are well written and enjoyable.

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