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ISBN: 9780670020867 / 9780143144649 / 9781101060575 / 9781101060759/ 9781101060391
June 2009
Viking, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Hardcover/ Audiobook/ Ebook
$25.95-Hardcover, Ebook/ $39.95-Audiobook
352 Pages-Hardcover, Ebook/ 11 hours, 9 CDs-Audiobook
18 And Up; Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Kit Hargrove is trying to get on with her life, but things are not as easy as she hoped for. When she was married to her successful Wall Street husband, Adam, she had friends she could count on. Now that she is divorced, Kit is finding that those friends seem to only want to be friends with other couples, not single women.

Robert McClore has an air of peculiarity around him due to the unfortunate and mysterious death of his beloved Penelope years ago. Rumors of murder surrounded him until he became somewhat of a recluse, only coming out of hiding sporadically over the years. Now he is in need of a new assistant and thinks he may have found the perfect helper in Kit.

As Kit and Robert begin to work together, he begins to come out of his shell. At a book reading, he meets Tracy, a good friend of Kit’s and a woman with a past. Suddenly Kit’s idyllic world is turned upside down when one betrayal after another seems to hit her right between the eyes. Between Tracy, Annabel, her ex-husband Adam, and her boyfriend Steve, Kit does not know who she can trust and who has ulterior motives. Will she be able to figure out who has nefarious plans? Can she help a friend who has a man from her past show up just when things are looking up for the twice-burned woman?

Dune Road is a book about struggling to get on with your life after divorce and the key people who play a role within it. Ms. Green tells the tale of Kit, a woman who is juggling an ex who suddenly becomes attractive to her eyes, a teenage girl bent on stealing her clothes, a young son who wants nothing more than to sit in front of video games all day, and a man who is sexy but has an air of danger about him that cannot be good. Add a friend with a very secret past, a man who may or may not have murdered his departed wife, and some very quirky characters and this is one very complicated yet interesting story. At times I felt as if I was reading a soap opera, which turned me off of the storyline at times. But for the most part I definitely enjoyed reading this novel and the funny and zany people within, especially Edie!

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