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ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-0028-0, 10: 1-4201-0028-9
December 2009
Zebra Books
379 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Hell on Earth aptly describes Adrianna Barrington’s life for the last three years, but it is now time to move on. A drunk driver claimed the life of her unborn son, and put her husband Craig in a coma for two years. After his recent death, picking up the pieces of her life is all she has left.

Missing persons cases are why Gage Hudson left a promising professional football career to enter the police force. His little sister was abducted as a child, and while her safe return was a Godsend, he will never forget the terror of the unknown.

It really pains Adrianna to sell off all of the Thornton land and holdings, but paying off Craig’s medical expenses as well as his debts is going to take every penny she can get her hands on. The colonies are the last to go, but it seems not without a fight, as the new owner wants the family graves moved off of the property. What starts out as a major headache quickly turns deadly, as graves are unearthed that should not have been there. The case puts Gage face to face with the one woman who claimed his heart four years ago, then walked away to marry a man whose connection to two missing women cannot be coincidence.

Dying Scream is a living nightmare of abduction, rape, and the sickening thrill a psychopath gets while torturing his victims. The suspense builds to a heart-pounding pace as Adrianna gets nearer to taking on her role in the killer’s game, and Gage’s unrelenting drive to stop him. The romance between Gage and Adrianna is highly underplayed, and barely comes into play as they forge through the story with completely different agendas. Personally I consider this much more of a suspense/thriller, and as such it is an outstanding read.

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