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The Star Shadow Trilogy
Book 1 - Star Ascendant
Book 2 - Eclipse
Book 3 - Moonset

ISBN# 978-1-59426-439-9
October 2009
Mundania Press
238 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Benetan Liss knows it is of the utmost urgency his life be preserved. He is on a mission that could cause serious consequences if not stopped.

Andraia enjoys Benetan’s company. They have not made pledges of fidelity toward the other and are free agents to see another. Yet, her love for him is intense.

Benetan is a courier for the people and has been away on business for three days. Andraia worries because he has been gone this long. As a Chaos rider, Benetan has seen much of the world with his previous journeys. Each one always opened his eyes to many things. With his good fighting abilities, one thinks twice before taking on a Chaos rider. Benetan is concerned when the First Magus wants to unleash a terrible horror to destroy the heretic cult of Order. He has to find a way to stop the madness. As he searches for a way to stop the destruction, the First Magus wishes to enforce, there is another that is on Benetan’s mind besides Andraia. With two women caring for Benetan, what will transpire if no one can stop the First Magus when he lets loose his horrifying terror?

I would have to say this is an eye-opening story for me. There were many facets and developments I found quite interesting, especially when it came to the character of Benetan. He is indeed a powerful player throughout the story, yet carries a human side to him when he grows uncertain about many things. Andraia also shows a strong human emotion when her feelings are torn over another after Benetan’s absence. Louise Cooper composes an entertaining read. This great storyteller composes a tale that lives through the ages by painting a world that comes to life and amazes this reader.

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