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ISBN: 1619263513
February 2012
Siren Publishing Inc.
82 Pages
Erotic Romance; Contemporary; BDSM; Ménage a Quatre
Rating: 3 Cups

Finally, after being checked out time and again, Emma Shane is ready to get on with her life. The heart transplant is working beautifully and now she can think about the more pleasurable side of life.

Logan Walker knows that he needs to get on with his life, but how does one go about finding someone new when the love he had found is suddenly gone?

A chance meeting on a bench with a beautiful view has Logan and Emma sharing a passionate night together that leaves them both breathless for more. But there are things going on in Emma's life that have her questioning her transplant. Why does she suddenly crave certain drinks and play with her ear when she never did before? Going to her doctor for advice, she mentions wanting to take her relationship to the next level by inviting a third partner into the bedroom. Can Emma finally have all that she wants after so many endless nights full of nothing but loneliness?

Emma's Heart is a good book that I did enjoy reading. The interaction between Emma and Logan is wonderfully portrayed and the very air surrounding the two characters has a hauntingly sweet and sad tone to it. I did feel the way they met and jumped into bed followed by declarations of love was super fast. Then a third party is added to the mix making the story go from a semi-sweet passionate love affair to something tawdry. Personally, I feel if there had been more storyline when Emma and Logan first met and before the multiple lovers were introduced to the plot, it would have made this novel go from good to great.

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