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Descendants of Ra, Book1
ASIN# B00943FVG2
August 2012
SoulMate Publishing
332 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Stella Walker is a survivor of a vicious, nearly fatal attack by a serial killer. At first, she is frightened when she wakes from her coma. The man hired to protect her has eyes eerily reminding her of the killer's. He tells her a hard-to-believe tale. He is two thousand years old, and Stella is his soul mate reincarnated. She just wants to be safe. Can she believe his tale and put her shaky trust in him before it is too late?

Roman Nicolis is a two thousand-year-old cursed warrior. Each time he finds the reincarnated soul of his lover only to lose her terribly soon after. Each time she does not know who he is. This time, he is resolute not to love her. He wants to spare himself the pain of losing her again, but this incarnation could be the one he is waiting for. First, he will have to keep her safe from the killer, who wants to finish what he has started.

They will have to deal not only with the killer. Also with a savage, a mysterious beast and the possibility of a traitor in Roman's household. Each evil may surprisingly have something in common, originating from an unexpected source. In the background, a revolution has started, with the Egyptian gods using Stella, Roman and his brothers as pawns. Will Stella remember him this time? Can Roman actually keep her safe long enough?

There are many of good things going on in this book, including the use of Egyptian mythology, but they tend to detract from the main story of Roman and Stella. I do not get a good grasp of the characters. Emotions are not always consistent and some of their motives are not very clear. Despite this, there is a good base, which includes an inventive new world and intriguing new characters.

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