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Tracers Series

Book 1: Untraceable
Book 2: Unspeakable
Book 3: Unforgivable
Book 4: Snapped
Book 5: Twisted
Novella: Unstoppable
Book 6: Scorched
Book 7: Exposed

Tracers Book 7
ISBN# 9781451689334
June 25, 2013
Pocket Books
384 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Maddie Callahan keeps busy with her job as a forensic photographer and the extra freelance photography jobs. Being busy means she is too tired to dwell on the past or wallow in loneliness. Besides, she gains personal satisfaction from helping law enforcement shut down the bad guys before they can ruin lives.

Brian Beckman served in Afghanistan before joining the FBI. He is no stranger to the crimes people commit against each other, but the man he is chasing now puts the sick in sicko. When another young woman is kidnapped, Brian knows he has to find her fast.

When Maddie is mugged and her camera stolen, she is sucked unwillingly into Brian’s investigation. They butt heads almost immediately over her refusal to sit back and do nothing. As they unravel the threads of their case, they begin to bind themselves together. Before the clock ticks down the final moments, both will realize there is nothing more important than protecting what you love.

Perhaps the most awesome thing about Ms. Griffin’s Tracers series is that the books are connected, yet allow a reader to enjoy them individually without being confused. Exposed is a stunning page turner that refuses to let you put it down. The story’s pace is a perfect blend of ups and downs that lets you bond with Maddie and Brian as they solve their case and deal with the explosive chemistry between them. A definite must have!

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