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Division P
Book 1: Hell Dogs Squadron
Book 2: Seeking the Balance
Book 3: Zero to 165
Book 4: Falling from a Height
Book 5: Begin and End with You

Division P Series, Book 4
ISBN# 9781610405096
31 July 2013
Torquere Press
72 Pages
Non-GLBT Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Flying cross country with very little sleep and even less to eat is not exactly how Jonas Nightengale wants to start a job. Apparently though, he has no choice in the matter. The next thing he knows, he is dangling from a rope off a sheer rock cliff.

There is nothing light-hearted or girly about security officer Sgt. Sarah Quilleran. She can spot a liar at first glance, often knowing right away if someone is trustworthy or suspect.

The faulty missile Jonas is to inspect is lodged on a cliff side, which will require some special maneuvering to get to. Touching the missile gives Jonas a vague impression of who tampered with it, yet even days later the only thing he is closer to knowing is that he wants Sarah more than anything. Her no-nonsense attitude and amazing intuition is a very good indicator she is also psi, which for him makes all the difference in the world. Their job, however, is getting more dangerous by the day, and Jonas learns pretty quickly how much having Sarah in his life means to him.

Staying true to the rest of the Division P series, this story is not only sexy. It is exciting and totally engaging. The psi Talents of the characters are really well conceived, making their believability much easier for the reader. I love that Sarah is tough as nails when it comes to doing her job. Yet, with Jonas, she can be a sergeant as well as a woman. I would really like to see Jonas and Sarah come back for a second round, so they can get to the bottom of what is going on with the stolen missiles.

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