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ISBN#: 9781595787651/9780986593130
January 24, 2011
Liquid Silver Books
117 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Nexi Jones is now in control of the Underworld. Aside from trying to stop all the needless bowing and creating new rules, she quickly has a bonding ceremony with her loyal love and Guardian, Kyden. But not everyone is viewing the world through pink glasses. Soon there is a darkness rising from the Underworld, threatening yet again all that Nexi holds dear.

Kyden loves Nexi to the point of being willing to die for her. But will their love for each other and Nexi’s ever growing magical strength be enough to keep their world intact? Or will those who would see her fail be able to once again tear her away from his side?

Nexi has many friends from the different facets of her life, and they must all work together to secure her position. With the love of these two dynamic characters at the core of the story, love is a dominant theme in this story. Magic and good and evil bind this tale together in this thrilling finale to a well-loved series.

Having not read the remainder of the series yet, this reader found many characters thrust into the plot with little introduction to clarify why they were important to the premise. It was obvious that the former stories in this series built up to this climatic fairy tale; however, there was little to attach a reader who had just joined the saga at this late date. The tenderness and passion between the main characters was obvious and touching. Readers who already followed this series will no doubt be riveted. I would recommend reading the books in order because it is a bit confusing as a standalone novel.

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