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ISBN#: 978-0-60435-374-7
August 2009
Red Rose Publishing
36 Pages
Contemporary Gothic/Horror
Rating: 2 Cups

Phaedra has stayed more than once at October’s Promise. Despite her many psychological problems, she remains a strong person. She has always been drawn to her doctor, Allan Ryder.

Dr. Allan Ryder runs October’s Promise and it is a very successful institution. Despite the rules against it, he is attracted to Phaedra, though he does not act upon it. He is a very caring man and dedicated to his patients.

Something is amiss at October’s Promise. Patients are terrorized by an orderly intent on abusing his power, but something even more powerful is afoot, and a spirit from the past is determined to get help to protect Dr. Ryder.

I liked a lot about this story. The atmosphere is eerie and the setting lends itself to this genre very well. The two main characters arouse sympathy and are pretty well developed. I assume that this is part of a series, because I felt like I entered in the middle of the story and left before the end. This left me feeling a bit off balance and confused as the plot does not stand alone very well. Readers should be warned that the plot includes some pretty graphic violence including an attempted rape.

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