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ISBN#: 9781611189070
July 10, 2012
Loose Id, LLC
163 Pages
BDSM, GLBT, Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Castle Calish offers little more than the basics for Leith Inmar, bastard son of the lord himself. This is made even clearer when Lord Calish gives Leith to the king of the Fair in place of his jewels and trinkets.

Years ago the Fair were not quite as honorable as they are now, and that is how Ash came to be Beleth the Bloodless’ pet, as well as the Citadel’s gamekeeper. He is permanently adorned, showing everyone just to whom he belongs.

Leith walks into the Blackwood with open eyes, knowing full well his future no longer lies within Castle Calish. Orias, self proclaimed king of the Fair, leads him into a world so extraordinary Leith’s mind is nearly spinning. His passions are awakened by Orias, however his heart is captured by someone else entirely. Unfortunately Ash belongs to another, and only death will ever break her hold.

Your senses quite literally come alive with every word in this story. The fantasy world of the Fair is as beautiful and deadly as the most exotic and poisonous flower, and its people are even more incredible. Leith’s character is amazingly intuitive, and you know without a doubt he can handle whatever comes his way. John Tristan has just snagged himself another fan, and I will anxiously be waiting for more.

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