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ISBN #978-0-525-951742
June 2010
335 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Roch Miquel is an up and coming force in the Paris police force. He is intelligent and ambitious. He is very much a product of his times; rising from humble circumstances to a position of power. He even has a beautiful mistress, once of the noble class.

Napoleon Bonaparte rose from fairly humble beginnings to rule most of Europe. He has many supporters and even more who would wish him dead, or worse.

Christmas Eve of 1800 became infamous due to what came to be known as the Rue Saint-Nicaise Plot. A cart full of gunpowder exploded along the route Napoleon was to take. He narrowly escaped but dozens of bystanders were maimed and killed. Roch Miquel is assigned to find those responsible, a near impossible task.

The author has given us a unique story; a combination of police procedural and historical fiction based on an historical event. The author has a wonderful grasp of this turbulent time in history and has woven a gripping story into historical facts and settings. Roch is a sympathetic character trying to do his job in the midst of some of the most Machiavellian political climates in history. His personal life is a bit convoluted also. I am totally unfamiliar with the French side of this era, but this book has me wanting to learn more. I definite recommend this book to lovers of both history and suspense.

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