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A Gladdy Gold Mystery
ISBN#: 978-0-440-24542-1
June 2010
Mass Market Paperback
333 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Gladdy Gold is a senior citizen and widow. She is engaged to the very handsome Jack Langford and they live together and plan to marry soon. Gladdy, her sister and her three best friends are all part of the Gladdy Gold Detective Agency.

Jack Langford is a tall and handsome senior who is a retired NYPD detective. He is very much in love with Gladdy.

A writer’s conference is in town and Gladdy and Jack are drafted into driving her friends Bella and Sophie to the venue. They are all having a wonderful time until Jack recognizes an old flame. The very beautiful Michelle DuBois has written many best selling exposes and has quite a few enemies. One of them is in Florida stalking her. She turns to Jack for help and tries for much more. Gladdy agrees to help, but wonders if her engagement to Jack will last much longer.

Gladdy and her friends are hilarious as usual in this latest installment of Ms. Lakin’s mystery series. The girls are learning Cane Fu and making long distance calls to dead husbands. I can understand why someone would want to kill Michelle; she is not the most likable character, and I was a little disappointed in how Jack lets himself be manipulated, hurting Gladdy repeatedly in the process. The story itself is very hard to put down. The killer himself, a retired nonagenarian hitman, is not a secret, but you never know what he is going to do next. This story is full of humor and surprises and this group of senior citizens will never bore you.

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