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ISBN #: 978-1-4489-9409-0
October 2009
Publish America
111 E. Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701
196 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tera should not exist. She is the daughter of a born and a made vampire, but has virtually no vampiric abilities. She can also walk in the daylight. A talented designer, she has her own boutique.

Zack is a Guardian, the most powerful of the immortals. He is over five hundred years old and tall, dark, and handsome. Guardians have only one mate, and he has not found his yet. He works with two other Guardians, Cole and Ian and is a bit of a ladies’ man.

Someone is draining the daughters of prominent and wealthy vampires. Zack, Ian and Cole are assigned to the case. Tera fits the profile perfectly and when she is attacked one night, Zack has also found his mate. Tera is attracted to Zack, but a broken engagement and the betrayal of her fiancé and best friend make her leery of romance. Zack’s new mission in life is to keep Tera safe.

This story is very hard to put down. The characters are excellent, the plot is exciting and the love scenes are very hot. Tera and her best friend Clara both are misfits in their world, a vampire with no powers and a werewolf who can not shift. I did not want the story to end and definitely want to know more about the other Guardians and the loyal Clara and her family, so hopefully this will be the start of a series. It is very hard to believe that this is the author’s first work.

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