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Sexual Meltdown
Book 1- Her Arizona Cowboy Brothers
Book 2 - Her Texas Cowboy Brothers
Book 3 - Elise's Dakota Cowboys

Sexual Meltdown 2
ISBN: 1610340515
November 2010
Siren Publishing
94 Pages
Erotic Romance; Science Fiction; Western
Rating: 1 Cup

Zane Deveraux owns Lucifer’s, a club that caters toward those with special sexual needs.

Hunter and Kaden continue to run the ranch while Zane holds down the club. They all are looking for the special Sybar woman to complement these three Sybar men.

Sabine Vincenzi is a woman used to getting what she wants. As a Sybar woman, the males usually fall at her feet trying to get her to mate with them.

When Sabine meets Zane, she puts on her rich, spoiled, princess act and is pleasantly surprised when Zane dominates her instead of becoming submissive. To make matters more interesting, she finds out he is one of three triplets and all three want her. After an overwhelming night of passion with Kaden and Hunter, Sabine runs back to her home afraid of how she felt in the brothers’ arms. Will she figure out that she wants to be with the Sybar males, or will she let her fear overrun her?

Her Texas Cowboy Brothers was not an easy read for me. The whole time I was reading Ms. Sinclair’s words, I was picturing a very bad porn movie. The terminology used was atrocious, the sex scenes were badly written, and the plot was no more than four people having sex; there was not enough subject matter besides intercourse to keep me interested. The fact that after one spanking Sabine suddenly became submissive made absolutely no sense to me at all. If you enjoy a book with nothing but sex, no real storyline to grab your attention, and bad wording, then you will like this novel.

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