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ISBN#: (13) 9781607772981
September 2009
Ravenous Romance
15 Pages
Vampire Erotic
Rating: 3 Cups

On a foggy night in Venice she went looking for him.

He knew she would eventually find him in the massive theatre.

His music and voice called to her in a way that no other could. The sensual pull of him seemed to call to her even as her intuition shouted for her to run as fast and far as she could to get away. When she finally realizes exactly what he is, will it be too late?

Hidden in the Mist was a confusing and yet fascinating story full of twists and turns. I was both repelled and drawn to the characters that Ms. Bridger used to portray her story. I kept shaking my head and saying the female was silly for going into the night and getting herself into a situation that could not be good for her. Even after reading the story a second time, I am still not quite sure if I understand completely what the author was trying to express when she wrote this tale. Overall, not a bad story but not something that I would be willing to read a third time.

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