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ISBN #: 9781615721559
August 2010
Eternal Press
eBook/ Print
$7.95/ $13.95
236 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lady Hope Nevilles has lived in the wilds of Northumbria for years to avoid her abusive father, but her mischievous nature cannot be broken. Her closest companions are two faithful animals that help her forage and keep her safe. She communicates with them using a rare gift. She dreams of escaping the threat of constant stalking and torture by fleeing to her mother's beloved Highlands.

Leonce MacPherson never expected to become chieftain, but when his father and two older brothers are among the slain during a Norman massacre, his life changes forever. He is a strong warrior with an even stronger heart. Spurred on by a prophetic dream, he leads his men in a quest to recover his clan's sword and avenge the brutal deaths of his family.

When her father kidnaps The MacPherson's son, Hope uses this as the catalyst to finally flee to her mother's native land. Leonce and his men cannot believe the courageousness of the young woman who not only returns his son to the safety of their clan but also their long missing great sword. He recognizes her from his dream and immediately decides she is meant to be his and before long tricks her into marriage. Hope would rather die at her own hand than to submit to any man, but she finds herself longing to trust this strong yet gentle man. Can these two put the past behind them or will suspicion and mistrust destroy their blossoming love?

Mary McCall gifts her readers with a delightfully distracting historical romance. I found myself chuckling aloud on so many occasions that my cat got peeved enough to relocate because I was disrupting her nap. The sign of just how wonderfully evocative McCall's writing is, is the fact that that even with tears in my eyes from the many hardships the heroine experienced, I found myself giggling at her innocent antics and filled with joy at the hope for her future. Not only did this book have many of my favorite elements, which include a sexy historical warrior and a breathtaking highland setting along with a butt-kicking heroine, it provided thorough entertainment. The descriptions were so detailed I could practically feel myself rolling in the heather. Hope and Leonce perfectly complement one another and their relationship follows a believable path. For me every character in this story evoked powerful emotions, whether it was anger, fear, contentment, love or happiness. Even with the serious topics, this book left me feeling good and days later I am still smiling and telling everyone I know why. I cannot wait to read this author's next offering.

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