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ISBN# 978-0-345-48010-4
April 25, 2006
Ballantine Books
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
448 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

British born Eden Farraday lives in the South American jungle with her father, Dr Victor Farraday, and his Australian assistant, Connor. Eden longs for a London season and is ready to return home to England and family when her father’s benefactor dies and the funding for his research is suddenly pulled. Dr Farraday has been in the jungle a long time; he is so interested in finding cures so that others will not die as Eden’s mother did that he cannot see the forest for the trees. Needing to escape both the jungle and Connor, who thinks she belongs to him, she gets a glimmer of an idea for how to get back to England when she first sees Lord Jack Knight and realizes who he is.

Lord Jack Knight, bastard by birth though he carries his stepfather’s name, is a loner by choice. While he cares for his crew and young cabin boy, he makes it a rule not to let anyone too close. In South America to help the rebels who are trying to free themselves from Spain’s dominion, he is entranced when he first sees Eden sitting high up in a tree. He realizes right away who she is when he hears her name because he knew Victor back in England. When Eden tries to sway him into taking her with him to England, he flatly refuses, though he is strongly attracted to her.

Everything changes when Eden stows away on Jack’s ship. She is discovered not long after and Jack at first thinks to make her pay on her back. However, she is more than even he bargained for and in the end, he cannot do it. It is not long before they each begin to have strong feelings for the other and Jack starts to entertain the idea of taking Eden for his wife. It is only when he nearly loses her to the ocean during a storm that he makes up his mind. However, they still have a rocky road to forge because Jack has a plan and it is one that does not include Eden. It is only when his enemies begin their move against him that he finally accepts the reality of Eden.

I loved this book! Interesting and historically accurate down to the last button, it is a rollicking read. The characters’ behaviors and personalities fit the time and were incredibly realistic and easy to relate to. Following along as Eden continues to trump Jack’s cards made for very enjoyable reading. His confusion about how to deal with his “wild jungle flower” was amusing to say the least. The romance is hot and sensual, as well as believable, which is important for this reader when it comes to historical romance. I highly recommend this book to all who enjoy regency romance!

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