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ISBN# 978-1-61217-439-6 Paperback/ 978-1-61217-440-2 Digital
October 19, 2012
The Wild Rose Press
256 Pages
Contemporary Romance/ Champagne Rose
Rating: 5 Cups

Emma Prescott is a high school guidance counselor trying to keep kids from the dangerous path of drugs. After a fire in her apartment, she and her dog move into a cabin at Loon Lake. In the romance department she is holding out for a hero, keeping her love them and leave them reputation. She soon questions if her new neighbor qualifies, as he has saved her and her dog on more than one occasion.

Frasier MacKenzie is a Biology professor who needs the quiet and seclusion of Loon Lake to conduct his research in private. He has no time for someone like Emma, and her distractions are getting under his skin. But he just cannot seem to get her out of his mind; even if he has been ordered to rid her from the area in order to resume his “work”.

Chemistry can definitely be seen between Emma and Frasier, even though they try to ignore it at first. Being anything more than friends cannot be on the table for Frasier as his job is too important and, if he is distracted, can put both of them in danger; yet saving Emma and her dog are becoming the norm lately as she wheedles her way into his thoughts.

I am not sure who I like better, Scout Frasier’s German Shepard, The Pug named Brusier, or the sexy next door neighbor Frasier. They all seem to steal a woman’s heart. Cute, cuddly, yet oh so strong. Great wit and humor start this suspenseful romance that keeps you guessing about and rooting for this couple. This reviewer has found another author new to me and is very interested in reading the other books written by Ms.MacMillian.

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