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ISBN# 978-1-60435-297-9
February 24, 2009
Red Rose Publishing
227 pages
Romance: Historical/Western
Rating: 4 Cups

Hope is most thankful to Miss Opal for a roof over her head and food to eat. The minute she meets Jonathan, he is like no other man she has met, but she doubts a man like him will ever commit to someone like her.

Dr. Jonathan Norris is the new doctor in Panther’s Landing. He lost his wife and daughter to cholera, and regrets there was nothing to do to save their lives. When he meets Hope, he believes things may be changing for him.

Hope knows living outside of Panther’s Landing at Sweetbrier Academy makes her subject to ridicule with the life she lives. While doing a bit of shopping, she is saved by a handsome man who comes to her defense. Jonathan is the new doctor in town. The moment he sees Hope, he is struck by her captivating beauty. He sympathizes in her pain and feels drawn to her. Hope cannot help but notice the warmness displayed in his eyes. He is like her kindred soul. The wee time they spend together develops into a budding relationship. Can Hope forget the awful past and begin a future with a man like Jonathan?

Holding On To Hope is a wonderfully written story displaying how one’s strong faith can almost move mountains. I love Hope and her spirit. Jonathan is like a life-saver who arrives when one is drowning. With their troubled past, they have a way of reaching out to the other, granting each other renewed strength. Nancy O’Berry crafts a charming tale around a lovely lady, who is nothing like any soiled dove of the evening. It is a story about love, faith, hope, and friendship that extends wide within the home of Miss Opal. I found this a treasure of a read.

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