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November 2010
Clark Street Books
294 Pages
Women's Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Sydney Green knows she is taking a big chance by volunteering her services for a month at the walrus refuge so she can produce a short documentary film featuring her boyfriend and client Blake McKinley. She is given reluctant approval from her boss only by promising to fulfill her other job obligations as well. Since most of her job is done on the phone anyway Sydney assures her boss that she can handle it. Sydney arrives at the Wilde Island Walrus Refuge totally unprepared for the reality of the remote outpost.

Ethan Eckert is one of the foremost experts in his field. He is introverted, non-communicative, and abrasive. He is also haunted by a horrible incident from his past. Sparks fly as Sydney and he tangle, and she seems to challenge his firmly-held beliefs at every opportunity.

As Blake’s Publicist, Sydney will do whatever she has to do to facilitate his career. Blake has decided he needs a cause to champion, therefore, Sydney finagled this opportunity for him by agreeing to count and tag walruses. Her job is further complicated by the fact that communication with the outside world is extremely difficult and only sporadic at best. Sydney deals with the harsh, primitive conditions of Wilde Island, and simultaneously tries to keep her boss back home placated.

I found this novel utterly riveting as I tagged along with Sydney on her adventures. I was there to share her grief and heartbreak over the desperate plight of the small animal adrift alone in the deep waters of the Arctic. I commiserated with her as she was blasted by the fickle nature of love and desire. But mostly I laughed as she courageously learned about herself and about the walruses. The serious topic of the effects of global warming on our wildlife is handled in an entertaining yet thought-provoking manner. Sydney is a plucky, likable lead character. The secondary characters are also endowed with plausible motives and individualized characteristics making this story an exceptional read.

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