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ISBN#: 9781607774877
Ravenous Romance
84 Pages
Erotic Romance; Ménage a trois
Rating: 3 Cups

One Last Play

Perry moved to Missouri two years ago, he never expected to find two great friends in Tim and Logan.

As the gay couple on the football team, Tim and Logan took the teasing and ribbing they received with a grain of salt and Perry soon learned that their friendship meant the world to him.

But the time has come for them to say goodbye. They have all graduated and while Tim and Logan are heading in the same direction, Perry is staying behind and attending the local college. When Perry gets a text to meet Tim and Logan at the football field, he figures it is their last chance to hang out before they separate. He just did not expect the game to take on a whole new meaning.

What a beautiful story One Last Play was. Johnny Murdoc caught my attention from the beginning with the feelings of nostalgia that Perry was already feeling. Then the sexy duo Tim and Logan entered the picture and I could practically feel the air change from wistful sadness to lusty surrender. Wonderfully done!

Power Play

Carly is not much into watching sports. But she enjoys the company of others and finds herself more enthusiastic about everyone else's reaction to the game than the game itself.

Rich and Kim are dating. Kim and Carly have been friends for years.

Bob and Jenny are married. There is something about Jenny that does not sit quite right with Carly but she cannot put her finger on it.

With the snacks all ready and the excitement about to begin, the five people get ready to watch a great game when the power goes out. So what do five people do when they are surrounded by darkness, booze, and snacks? Play spin the bottle of course. This leads to more interesting things and has each of them making one heck of a touchdown of their own.

Power Play starts off with us getting to know a little about each character. After the lights went out, the story got a lot more erotic. But when it came time for the actual sexual acts, I felt as if the writing Lane duo rushed it a bit. I would have liked to have seen the great attention that was spent on the spin-the-bottle game be spent on the sexual intercourse as well.

Tailgate Trio

Shawn is Greg's roommate. Even though it could get him into trouble, Shawn cannot help but fantasize about what is beneath his roomie's clothes.

Bo is Greg's friend and an avid New York Jet's fan. Knowing it will tick Greg and Shawn off he wears his team jersey to the game where he will be surrounded by Buffalo Bills fans.

Before the game even begins, Shawn is tired of Bo's obnoxious attitude and overbearing demeanor. Deciding to take a quick nap, he is awakened when Bo once again intrudes on his turf. Determined to get the Jets fan to knock off his antics, he proceeds to show him just who the boss is. When Greg interrupts their session, Shawn decides it is time that his roommate learn exactly what he has been fantasizing about.

Tailgate Trio is a mixture of steamy sex and chaotic happenings. The issues that Shawn has with Bo seemed to zing through the pages at a super fast speed. Once Shawn and Bo finally turned their aggressive natures into sexual ones, the story seemed to take on a more fluid and slower pace. However, once Derek Clendening had Greg join the twosome, the story sped up to its original speed and left me feeling as if the ending was rushed.

Subdue and Penetrate

Lori Tibbets is the assistant equipment manager for the United States Rugby team.

Etienne and Jaque are part of the South African Rugby team.

When Lori was storing the American team's equipment in the locker room, she was interrupted by not one but two gorgeous male specimens. What followed was an intense workout of sensual proportions. Unlike anything she had ever encountered before, Lori finds herself encased in a world of male muscle, hedonistic pleasure, and total abandon.

Ms. Sheets has written a tale that brings to life a fantasy world full of decadence. I was a little put off with how Lori seemed to be okay with giving herself to two total strangers. But after getting past that part, Subdue and Penetrate became a hot read I enjoyed reading.

Super Bowl at the Gay Bar

Kevin loves to get his own party started on Super Bowl Sunday. Taking his shy friend Joe with him, he heads to the local bar that hosts a Super Bowl party unlike anything anyone who stays home and watches the game would ever see.

Tony and Vince are from Queens, NY but they heard about the fantastic partying that happens in New Hope. While there, Tony notices a hot piece checking him out discreetly and he hopes the man will come over so they can meet.

As Tony and Kevin hit it off, Vince seems to be equally intrigued with Joe. The only problem is Stacia Lorraine, Tony and Vince’s friend who is supposed to be watching their back. She seems to want to interfere at all the wrong times. Finally the two couples are able to make it into a room where they are ready to explore desire in its ultimate pleasure. Before Tony and Kevin can get into the act, another obstacle gets in the way that will throw them all for a loop.

This story may have started off hot, but it was not long before I found myself seeing Kevin as nothing more than a sleazy man trolling for an easy lay. I could not really enjoy this story to its maximum capacity because I kept wondering if Tony was going to catch something from Kevin. Finally throwing this issue away in my mind, I sat down and focused on just enjoying this highly erotic tale by Ryan Field.

Hot Wings

Cindy is shocked when her brother’s friend Mark invites her over to hang out on Super Bowl Sunday. Asked to bring a friend for one of his friends Josh, she invites her roommate Jill.

Mark is looking forward to eating some of Cindy’s famous hot wings and when he texts her, she comes back with a response that blows his socks off.

With her sexual tension running high, Cindy enters Mark’s home hoping to have some pregame entertainment of her own. Jill will not be coming until after her spa day is over and so Cindy is in the house alone with two very hot and horny men. What follows is one sexual release after another that involves a ton of kissing, licking, and some hot sauce. Cindy is very glad that she came to the party early enough to enjoy some appetizers of her own before Jill showed up.

Stacy Brown takes an ordinary sounding invitation to a Super Bowl party and gives it a twist that will leave you aching for more. I loved how we get the basic information on the background between Cindy, Mark, and Josh. Later, as the three give in to their desires, you can appreciate them more because they do have a history together. I hope to see more of these three sexually intriguing characters.

Huddle: A Football Ménage Anthology includes some very decadent tales that will have you feeling as if you just threw a fifty yard pass and scored the winning touchdown. While some of the stories incorporated in this novel were less than spectacular, they all touched upon the same subject of football and sex. Overall, this novel makes a good addition to my growing library. If you like to read about scoring in the bedroom as well as on the field, you will enjoy reading this book by this eclectic group of authors.

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