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ISBN#: (13)9781420104615/ (10)1420104616
December 2009
Zebra Books, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$6.99 USA/ $9.99 CAN
352 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Penelope Wherlocke Hutton-Moore has special abilities, ones that have the gentry considering her and her family odd. Being able to see the spirits of the dead and know where the dead lay may seem weird to most, but when it comes to figuring out mysteries, the gifts come in handy.

Lord Ashton Pendellan Radmoor is a man who is in need of funds or he will go to debtors’ prison. His philandering father left him with a mountain of debt and no way to support his large extended family. When he hears that Clarissa Hutton-Moore is looking for a titled gentleman to marry, his thoughts turn to the fortune her dowry can bring his family.

The night before he is to talk to Clarissa’s brother about an engagement, Ashton is brought to a brothel to spend one night with a woman as a last ditch effort at freedom. However, the enchanting beauty he sees tied to a bed is not some random prostitute, but is Penelope and she has been brought against her will and drugged to keep her quiet. When the truth is revealed, a new adventure starts as Ashton and Penelope begin to unravel the mystery of who wants her dead. And as the danger escalates and her abilities to see spirits are exposed to Ashton, their passion explodes even as a deranged monster continues his trail of death and destruction with Penelope in his path.

If He’s Sinful is one immense turn of events after another. Ms. Howell has a way with words that brings the adventure, suspense, and passion out of the pages of her novels and into the reader’s world. While Penelope’s story seems a little like the fabled Cinderella, any reader will soon realize that this woman may seem beat down and imprisoned, but is really a fighter who uses all of her strengths to find the truth. Ashton is a man who is haunted by the sins of his father and wants only to be recognized for who he is and what he has become, not his family’s past. This amazing tale is full of lust, greed, murder, suspense, mystery, romance, love, and enough supernatural events to keep any reader enthralled with the Wherlocke family. I for one am hoping for more stories of this unique lineage and for more from this outstanding author!

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