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Kate Lange Series

Book 1: Damaged
Book 2: Indefensible

Book 2 featuring lawyer Kate Lange
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-2922-0
January 2011
502 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Physically she has almost completely healed from her ordeal with a deadly serial killer, but Kate Lange is still fighting her mental demons. The anxiety and sleepless nights are taking their toll, and she is about to step neck deep into a case that hits entirely too close to the heart.

The world as Randall Barrett knows it is about to implode. His livelihood, family, and even his freedom will be stripped from him, and hitting rock bottom is a deeper hell than he could have ever envisioned.

Randall could never have done the things he is being accused of; or could he? Neither Kate nor Randall himself are 100% sure, but Kate is unwavering in her support. He needs the best lawyer money can buy, but what he gets is a washed up college buddy, and a tenacious rookie. As Kate is fighting to clear Randall’s name, there is a man with a relentless drive to collect his final prize. But this discovery may come too late, especially for those most innocent.

Warning! This is one of those page-turners that will have you up until 2:00am whether you have to work in the morning or not. Kate is as mixed up as they come, but she fights the good fight, and you really want to see her come out on top. Randall is tarnished and tragic in his plight, but as much as he has brought upon himself you cannot help but admire his determination to shelter his children. I am super excited to see a third book coming out in 2012, because this an author who keeps you riveted to her every word.

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