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Book 1 in the Intergalactic Justice Series
ISBN#: 978-1-60394-436-6
June 2010
New Concepts Publishing
177 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Samantha Cassidy is an intergalactic bounty hunter with psychic abilities she will do anything to keep secret. She is one tough cookie who does not take crap from anyone man or woman.

Johanna is Samantha’s sister and the other part of this family-owned bounty hunting team.

Dylan is Johanna’s husband and Samantha’s brother-in-law. He is also their resident mechanic and gadget maker.

Tyler is a cat burgler, artist and Samantha’s estranged husband.

When Samantha hears that her estranged husband, Tyler, has just been accused of killing Lady Devlin, she knows she has to save him, because every bounty hunter in the galaxy is going to be after him. After all, she knows that he would never murder anyone, it just is not part of who he is. Unfortunately, saving Tyler from bounty hunters ends up being the least of her problems. What with Lord Devlin wanting his head, and space pirates showing up to wage an all out war during their getaway, Samantha just cannot figure out why she cannot get a break. When into this mess the man who hired Tyler to get close to Lady Devlin to begin with arrives to save his fat from the fire, so to speak, complicated does not even begin to explain the situation. Couple all this with her strong feelings for Tyler, only one of which includes love, and Samantha has her hands more than full. Will she be able to find the real murderer in time to save her husband from being hung for his crimes by Lord Devlin? What about their own relationship, will they be able to salvage it?

I really enjoyed reading Reckless Bounty, Samantha is my favorite kind of heroine; the kind that takes no prisoners. Well, at least not in the sense that she does not take any crap from anyone. Her take-no-prisoners attitude is one thing that makes this story really memorable. Her sister, Dylan and Tyler are all the perfect foils for her and her numerous adventures and mishaps throughout this book. The world building is very well done. The relationships are strong and even though it is obvious Samantha and Tyler have a ways to go before they can mend their relationship, the reader gets the sense that these two want to make it work. I really enjoyed the added psychic abilities that Samantha has, the author did a great job in weaving those into the story. Plus there is just enough mystery surrounding them to keep the reader wanting to find out what sort of thing is going to happen next. Personally, I was just waiting to see if Samantha would end up using them to blow something up! This is one book that I am more than happy to recommend for those needing a pick-you-up kind of book. If you need to get your mind off your troubles, then this is the book for you!

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