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Devil’s Tavern Series

Book 1: Invitation
Book 2: Vengeance
Book 3: Possession
Book 4: Seduction
Book 5: Gathering

Devil’s Tavern Series, Book 1
ISBN: 9781601683120
July 2010
Aspen Mountain Press
85 Pages
BDSM; Erotic Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Emera seems to constantly struggle with the demon inside her. While she has not gone completely to the dark side, each day seems as if she is a little bit closer to going over the edge.

The first time he saw her, Keenan knew Emera was the fallen angel he has been searching for. But to get her back, he will have to infiltrate a place that calls to the demon catcher inside him.

When Emera finds out who Keenan is, she knows she cannot go back to being the way she was. But Sebastian, her master, as well as the others inside the club, are not stupid and will know something is up the minute she changes. How can she be expected to play the part of a wicked demon when her angel is waiting right around the corner to save her from her eternal hell?

Invitation is a book that has an interesting storyline and some spicy scenes. I found the idea of Emera being a demon and Keenan being an angel fascinating, however, I felt as if I were only seeing part of the story. The past these two share is immense and yet the amount of time Ms. Hart spent explaining how they came to be did not seem to give that part of the plot justice. I am definitely wondering what is up with the notes that were left for Emera and I am definitely wanting more of the Devil’s Tavern Series.

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