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ISBN# 1-935048-51-0
April 2009
Class Act Books
Trade Paperback and E-book
$14.20 / $7.00
180 Pages
Historic Romantic Mystery
Rating: 5 Cups

Winifred Merryweather is a teacher hiding a scary family secret but finds solace in her twice monthly mystery book club. One day, however, a villain captures her, her book club, and a reporter in a real life mystery with danger surrounding them.

Remington has a certain disdain for Sherlock Holmes and uses his job as a journalist to let others know. When he meets Winifred, he is intrigued by her. As the mystery develops, he knows he must rescue the woman who captivates him.

Together, Winifred, “That is Miss Merryweather to you, Sir”, and Remington, along with the eclectic group in the book club, must solve the mystery of who has captured them, and how to escape.

First off, I really enjoyed It’s Elementary, My Dear Winifred. Second, there is no sex at all in the book—just want to get that out of the way. The book is a clever take on the Holmes/Adler style of mystery. It has ‘who dunnits’, tricky clues, characters that rival the best of the genre. Our heroine, Winifred, is clever and interesting, but not infallible, while Remington is charming and provides the strength for Winifred. The villains, once found, should almost have ‘bad guy’ music playing in the back ground, as they are wonderfully melodramatic. Background scenery is perfectly creepy for a Victorian mystery with appropriate dialogue—historical without being distracting. The path to discovering the whys and villains is amazingly well written and entertaining. Winifred and Remington build their relationship in a charming manner that fits the book excellently. It’s Elementary, My Dear Winifred is a charming, no sex, great romance and an outstanding mystery. I loved it.

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