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ISBN #9780061958311
October 2011
William Morrow
Trade Paperback
286 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Jane Austen is a writer and a recovering vampire. She lives with her mother and sister in the small village of Chawton. She is trying to forget the events of thirteen years before.

The Damned are the vampires that saved England thirteen years previously. They were once the favored companions of the Regent, but have fallen out of favor. Jane’s creator, William, and his “family” have leased Jane’s brother’s house in Chawton.

Jane hoped to be cured of her vampirism thirteen years ago, but when her creator, William, and former lover, Luke, come to Chawton, her world is turned upside down. She has to protect her family and friends from The Damned, which makes writing nearly impossible. She has given up the ways of The Damned and is determined to resist them and protect her niece. The return of some of her vampiric traits make her fear for her soul.

Ms. Mullany has created a story with all of the wit and excellent characterization of a Jane Austen novel. The Regency setting and the customs of the time are very well described and her vampire society is extremely well crafted. The story is fast moving and easy to follow. Jane’s vampiric nature and her love for Luke contrast greatly contrast with her struggle to save her soul and her career as a writer while protecting her family and friends. Readers will definitely enjoy the contrast between the seductive life of the Damned versus Jane’s current chaste and quiet existence.

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