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ISBN#: 978-1-926704-96-8
November 2009
Eternal Press
98 Pages
Psychological Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

When Allie flips on the light, she is struck with the sudden realization that there is infinite comfort in darkness… in not knowing… not seeing.

He can accomplish only so much with his limited time, until the others force their consciousness upon him.

The screaming is now only in Allie’s head, the others no longer make a sound. She awakens to a nightmare, and the man responsible for creating such terror is now her captor. Allie knows her escape is untenable, and her only recourse is to try to understand and placate the man with so many faces. He can and will take her life whenever and however he chooses, but for the moment she is an enigma he finds hard to resist.

Every psychological thriller has two basic elements: the predator and its prey. But what happens when the prey chooses not to run or fight, but accepts its role and feels guilt for those that come later? Allie’s will is unbelievably strong, but at the same time so tragically fragile that she can bring you to tears. Nicole Fuentes’s book is intense, insane, and incredibly ingenious.

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