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ISBN #: 9781939194756
March 2013
Etopia Press
$ 3.99
78 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Morgane is the daughter of the Lycan Queen. As such, she is wary of those who would say they love her, fearing they are after her for her position.

Aelric is Wolven and is highly placed in his pack, but not so highly placed that he can ignore his alpha's requests. It has never been difficult for him to seduce secrets out of a pretty woman, but Morgane is different.

The Lycans and Wolven have long been enemies. Aelric is sent to get information for his pack by seducing the Lycan's beautiful heiress. Morgane feels things for Aelric that she has never felt before, but is this relationship doomed before it even begins?

This novella has a lot of potential, but the dynamics, customs, and politics of the two groups of shapeshifters are much too complicated for such a short work. The romance and erotic tension between the two main characters makes the story well worth reading. Morgane and Aelric are very appealing characters that I would have liked to have gotten to know better. The setting and romance between the two main characters are very enjoyable.

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