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ISBN#: 9781607772949
Ravenous Romance
213 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Katria Viktorevna Markova has grown up in the Russian court and can navigate its dangerous waters like few others. When her fiance's family becomes threatened, she uses this knowledge to make sure they come to no harm.

Nikolai Andreiovitch Orlov comes from a well-established noble family. When it appears scandal and politics will threaten his upcoming wedding to Katria, he is willing to leave his beloved country and ruin his family name for love.

When Nikolai's uncle is accused of treason, it threatens his family's standing in the Russian court and undermines his engagement to Katria. When Nikolai suggest eloping and leaving the country, Katria makes him see that they have to stay and fight.

This remarkable story paints a vivid picture of life in the Russian court with all its intrigues and dangers. The characters are well written and their emotions are brought to life. The action is fast paced and believable. You will enjoy this story.

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