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ISBN# 9781419925795
September 2009
Ellora's Cave
82 Pages
Vampire Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Bliss St. Clair prays for freedom and adventure and wishes to live for a change. When she has the pleasure of meeting Cadan, the lust she feels for him is consuming.

Cadan Gaelan has roamed the earth for three centuries battling demonic knights. He has to go after Bliss and protect her, certain she will taste seriously delicious.

What is it about Cadan that delights Bliss? For one, his smile is completely charming; two, he is handsome as all get out. Still, Bliss wants him to keep his distance. The more she tries to push him away, the more he continues to grow closer to her. Bliss assures him he will not like her blood because ice water runs in her veins, but he believes otherwise. She is a good candidate to bite. It is imperative he have her before the Dark Knights. Besides, Cadan has seen and felt her fantasies and will never allow a darker side to have control of her. He has to convince her that he is there to bring her no harm. Will Bliss finally give in to Cadan’s persuasions or is the life she is accustomed almost over?

Oh, my, my, my, Knight Stalker is a sweltering read. It blazes with such an electric charge one might have to call 911 after the book is finished. The delightful screams that Bliss releases practically dance off the pages. I enjoyed how Cadan needs blood to survive and desperately reaches out to one person who will attack not only his heart, but also his soul. The two were indeed romantic soul mates who needed each other. I also loved how Cadan can do anything with just a simple look. Oh what a soothing magnetism this vampire extends to the audience in this delightful page-turner that Lora Leigh crafts.

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