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ISBN#: 1-58749-573-2
Heat Wave Romance
Price: Unavalable
59 Pages
Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Emily Smith is a deputy sheriff who goes looking for her best friend Rachel when she comes up missing. Terrified something bad has happened to Rachel, who is a reporter and was investigating the disappearance of several young women, Emily takes matters into her own hands. She winds up at a house where Rachel thought the vampire responsible lived, and this is where she meets Jared.

Jared Stone is a werewolf who happens to also to be an FBI agent. When two young women from his pack go missing, he goes looking for the vampire he thinks is responsible. Emily is a complete surprise to him, for he knows from her scent alone that she is meant to be his mate.

Jared and Emily hit it off right from the start, at least sexually. Jared’s first inclination is to keep his woman safe so she does not suffer the same fate as her friend. However, Emily will not allow him to wrap her in cotton. She is an officer of the law, after all. Against his better judgment, Jared allows her to accompany him on most of the investigation, but firmly puts his foot down when it comes to going into the vampire’s lair. It is this stubborn refusal to allow her to assist him that nearly costs him the woman he loves, and it is only when he realizes it, there is hope.

What a great read! This book has everything: romance, sexual heat, paranormal creatures, and suspense. I was delighted to see how Ms. Richards managed to pack so much into this story. It is fast paced and engaging; a complete joy to read. Her characters are well drawn, and very easy to relate to as well. I would recommend this book to all who enjoy wild paranormal romance!

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Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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