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ISBN#: 978-0-9842211-8-9-eBook/ 978-0-9842211-9-6-Print
April 2010
Rogue Phoenix Press
E-Book/ Print
$2.99-eBook/ $9.99-Print
111 Pages-eBook/ 188-Print
Rating: 3 Cups

Sable is an FBI agent and has recently discovered her biological family complete with a serial killer for a father. She is fortunate to have survived and is gradually coming to terms with it all.

Sam is Sable’s brother. They share Micah as a father, but Sam has a lot more in common with his father than he does with his sister. He idolized Micah.

Now that Micah is dead, the entire Reardon family, including Sable, finally feels safe. Though she does not know how close she wants to get to the Reardons, they are closer now than ever, especially when another one of Micah’s progeny makes himself known. Sam is his son and protegee and is determined to finish what he father started.

I was a bit lost in the beginning of this book since I have not read the previous one. The author does make things clear as the story goes on, but it took a while for me to catch up. Sable is my favorite type of character, a strong woman with some vulnerability. The rest of the Reardons are a little too proud, but they grew on me as the story developed and I got to know them better. The plot is suspenseful and spine tingling by turns and never boring. I hope Sable’s next adventure is as good, I cannot wait to see who falls out of the family tree next.

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