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ISBN #: 1451548354
March 2010
Trade Paperback
274 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Adrienne is a small town girl away at college. She has a boyfriend at home, but long distance relationships are always tough. She is a little naïve and immature, but very attractive and intelligent and successful in her studies.

Adrienne’s boyfriends symbolize her passage from child to adult. First there is her high school boyfriend Elliott, who was quickly outgrown. Next is Zephyr her adventurous college experience. Finally, we have Christian, her grown up love.

A small town girl away from home for the first time faces many challenges. College is not easy, nor is it easy to be away from family and hometown sweethearts. Adrienne is a typical college student, eager to experience life. Life comes with challenges and heartaches as well as fun and successes.

This is a well told story of a young girl’s journey from childhood to adulthood. Adrienne is a likable character, even if her naïve behavior can be trying at times. Her three main relationships show her growing maturity. She is pretty typical of a lot of college students. The story seems to be geared towards young African American readers. The story will appeal to all readers of this type of story, but some of the dialogue will be a bit difficult for other readers to decipher, though I give the author credit for trying to be true to the characters. This is not a light hearted tale of a college girl, but a much deeper sort of tale with a more serious tone, but is very difficult to put down. Adrienne certainly has an interesting time at college.

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