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ISBN: 9781885865953
September 2010
Circlet Press
86 Pages
Erotic Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Lily White

Princess Lily loves nothing more than having a good frolic.

The Royal “Jack of all trades” Carpenter is known for his ability to find out secrets.

When Carpenter catches Lily with a commoner, he takes her on a journey of self-discovery. It includes six basic rules that will help her become a great queen some day. Along the way, she will experience many things, including passionate assignations unlike anything she has felt before.

Ms. Drake paints a highly erotic picture with her words. The many different scenarios brought forth from the pages enticed me and allowed my imagination to run rampant. I really enjoyed how Lily learned something with each stop, even when she was continuously distracted with all the hedonistic activities that surrounded her.

A World of Her Own

When Alice steps through the mirror, she leaves behind her ordinary world full of a stuffy husband and intolerable sister.

The Red Queen is one of Alice’s many lovers, though she does not seem to know. If she finds out there will be total destruction for sure.

After the Red Queen leaves Alice tied up, the Cheshire Cat pays a sensual visit that leaves Alice sexually frustrated. Determined to get her pleasure, she leaves to find the White Queen. From there she heads back to the Red Queen’s court, knowing she cannot miss dinner. Eventually, she will have to return through the mirror and back to her ordinary life, but the memories will keep her sated until her next trip through.

Ms. Picchetti uses a lot of the original Wonderland characters to describe this tale. While this shows Alice trying to escape her own reality, it really left me sad. There was always the thought that she would have to eventually go back home to a place that she was quite unhappy with. With that thought in mind, the mood of eroticism could not be reached, as there was a feeling of sadness that surrounded me. Although, the tantalizing scenes between the characters is extremely hot and left me panting for more of them.

Tarts and Tea

Alice has spent the last eight years vowing to forget Wonderland like her sister asked. But now on the brink of her wedding, she suddenly finds herself craving to see if the world actually exists as it does in her memory.

The Cheshire Cat is nothing like the animal Alice remembers from all those years ago. Now he goes by the name Lord Donovan, and he is human to boot.

Donovan needs Alice’s help to thwart the Queen of Hearts, who has terrorized and victimized the creatures of Wonderland. With a daring plan hatching in his mind, he asks Alice to trust him. But after so many years away from this wonderful land and the creatures that are suddenly human, can Alice really trust the Cheshire Cat?

I absolutely loved this tale. Ms. Abair shows us a story of a woman who has given up her only link to a fantasy, to a world that she found to be her reality. Later, she discovers where her home truly is and whom she feels safest with. Not only are the scenes highly erotic, but there is so much more going on within this story that you could not help feeling as if you are wandering along the pathways with Donovan and Alice.

A Wasp, a Wig, and a Wanton Woman

Alice is walking through Wonderland as an adult when she comes upon a strange sight.

A male wasp is sitting on the ground and when he sees Alice, asks her if she is a female wasp.

After some questions and answers by both Alice and the male wasp, they couple with dire consequences. Returning home, she does not think much of it until something else happens. Now she must decide how to keep the truth from being found out. But then again, who would believe her anyway?

This tale is taken from a scene that was taken out of the original story of “Through the Looking Glass”. I have to say that Mr. Westfahl uses a unique scenario to tell this erotic tale. I found most of the story to be different and slightly strange. I have to say I loved the name of the newspaper as I found it to be a witty and interesting placement in an otherwise unusual and not-so entertaining tale.

Wonders Wild and New

Natasha is angry at the weatherman’s unpredictable predications as well as the fact that her favorite kiosk is closed. Seeing a different kiosk with books, she takes a look and ends up leaving with Alice in Wonderland for the ride home.

The Cheshire Cat has come to escort Natasha through the book. He is taking her on a journey that will hopefully help her find out who she really is.

When Natasha sees the world around her is doing everything backwards, she knows something weird is going on. When a naked man declares himself to be a cat, she figures out that she has somehow ended up in Wonderland. As she begins to try to find her way home, Natasha discovers that she has some highly erotic expectations. Returning home, will she continue to explore other sensual possibilities or did she leave her wild side back in Wonderland?

Whoa, this is one hot number! I absolutely adore this tale. I think Ms. Penvenen shows remarkable writing skills as she takes the reader on a journey. I love how Natasha finds out who she really is and what she likes even as she tries to deny her sensual side. Add in the tantalizing scenes with all the hedonistic characters and this is one read you will want to peruse again and again.

‘Like the Knave of Hearts’ has five tales with two common elements, Wonderland and eroticism. While some of the tales were superbly written, others were not as well received. I found that the first tale catches the reader’s eye. While some of the middle stories were not as enticing, the final story really came through. It leaves the reader with the impression that this is one fantastic story. I know that when I finished reading this book I had a smile on my face and quite a few tingles running up and down my spine.

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