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ISBN #9780984461578
August 2010
The Dark Castle Lords
218 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Saxon was once the eldest son of an earl. He was declared a bastard along with his sister; they managed to survive working at an inn and later running it themselves. It was his second career that got him into trouble.

Lottie is the younger sister of Saxon's childhood love, Ariadne. Once plain and skinny, she has blossomed into a beauty while her sister has become fat and even more rude and petulant.

About to die on the gallows as a highwayman, Saxon is saved at the last possible second only to be hired to continue his career in the service of the crown, or at least two prominent members of the government. Young women of good family are setting out to become members of the oldest profession, and as Lord Devilment, Saxon is to return them to their families. The drawback is that he must return to the area he lived in when he was still the Earl of Coalsham's heir.

This is an interesting and inventive story. It is a little farfetched that so many daughters of the nobility would participate, but it makes a good story. Saxon is a great hero; longsuffering and noble, and his sister Maeve is an equally strong character. The spoiled sons and daughters of the nobles remind me of the present day at times. They are mostly a very unlikable bunch, making Lottie and Saxon seem even more positive. I definitely recommend this one.

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