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ISBN: 9780857150530
March 2010
Total-E-Bound Publishing
98 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Aslyn is considered The Lady of Cardamon Long, although she does not feel as if she has the right to be called so. Although she enjoys worshipping the goddesses of her religion, Aslyn feels she does not have the special gifts her mother had to represent the Lady.

Ryus Jorian lived a life full of drink and women to the point where he could no longer remember what he did the previous night. He has converted to Christianity and is now on a mission to help those who need guidance into his religion.

When Ryus first meets Aslyn, he considers her to be a test from God to determine whether he can abstain from the pleasures of the flesh. As their time together grows, he soon finds himself unable to deny his sensual side. When he brings her to another village to meet with the Bishop, Ryus finds himself hoping she will convert and stay with him as his wife. But what she finds in the so-called place of religion is so disgusting that she feels if Ryus really wants to follow his religion he has no place in her life.

Love Divine has a conflict that is as old as time, two people from two different religions who must figure out how to compromise. I thought how Ms. deGrey had Ryus trying to explain that not all Christians were the same evildoers by comparing Druid rituals was brilliantly done. The passion that these two characters feel for each other practically explodes from the pages and leaves you fanning yourself. Whether you are a fan of erotica, historicals, or the author you will enjoy this tale.

Caution: This tale contains a woman’s retelling of her own rape. It also contains scenes of food used during sex play.

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