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ISBN# 9780984282845
November 2009
DCL Publications, LLC
147 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Eloise “Ellie” Dumaresq is now divorced and has been on her own for the last two years, putting her marriage to Nick Quentin behind her as best she can. She has been given a nice paid Christmas vacation by her employers.

Nick Quentin is a famous writer who unwittingly let his wife Ellie divorce him and not even take alimony or anything from him at all. In fact, she did not even retain his last name. He is also on a vacation for the holidays in the Montreal mountains where he meets his ex-wife in the hotel lobby.

Ellie thought she was over Nick thanks to his witch of a secretary who tore their marriage apart. Meeting up with Nick at a mountain resort has made both realize that the marriage did not truly fall apart, it was manipulated to do so by his now ex-secretary. With that in mind, Nick wants Ellie back, not only in his bed but as his wife again. Can they agree to disagree on certain things and be able to patch up the past so they can make a new future for themselves together is the problem they face?

This is another enchanting tale from Ms. Hofman, and this time she has used her native Canada as a nice winter background for us. We have all had problems with relationships. I am sure others were glad to help us rid ourselves of former exes for a reason. Now in the case of Ellie and Nick, the scheming witch pulled the wool over both of them, but she lost in the end herself. Unfortunately, it left them both a bit shattered. Have you ever met with an ex and found that you can patch things up a bit, even if it is not back to the old status but to a new relationship? If so, then this story is for you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This is the season for giving and love and renewing life, and I hope happiness. As Nick and Ellie make a stab at gaining back their hearts and love, I hope you appreciate this wonderful Christmas gift of their story.

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