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ISBN#: 978-1-60737-576-0
April 27, 2010
Loose Id, LLC
137 Pages
Vampire Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Luca Alexander is a vampire hunter doomed to a long life with no mate and no children until he rectifies the mistake made by his father. He did not count on meeting Kat though.

Kat De Witt is a vampire who was turned by Luca’s arch enemy, Arden. She hates Arden who will not leave her alone to live her undead life. She will do just about anything to free herself from him.

When Kat literally runs into Luca in a graveyard, Luca is stunned by his reaction to her, especially when he discovers she is a vampire. Instead of his usual reaction which is just to stake her and be done with it, Luca finds himself attracted to her. There is only one problem, Luca must kill Arden and everyone in Arden’s bloodline in order to free himself from a curse that keeps him from aging, or from living a normal life, getting married and having children. When she kisses him, instead of staking her, he kisses her back. Each is attracted to the other but both have to wonder if they can really do anything about the attraction. That is until Arden ups the stakes and sends his minions to Luca’s home. Then all bets are off and the vampire killer and vampire will have to pair up and figure out a way to destroy their mutual nemesis. When their shared desire for Arden’s destruction leads to them becoming closer than ever, neither is really sure how to handle it. Can a vampire killer and a vampire be together? What will happen when Kat finds out that in order to free himself from the curse he will have to kill her as well?

Love in Death’s Embrace is an enchanting vampire love story. I really enjoyed reading this one! Kat’s spunk and fiery nature, in spite of what has happened to her, are a joy to read. Luca’s determination to care for and keep Kat alive in spite of the fact that it means he will never die, or have a family makes for some really grand love scenes. The sex is fire cracker hot, and when these two come together it is positively combustible. Arden is more than a worthy opponent, and I loved how the author ended the book because it leads me to believe there may be a sequel in the works. A truly fantastic read that I am more than happy to recommend! Pick this one up today folks, you will not be sorry!

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