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ISBN#: (13)9780312946722/(10)0312946724/(13)9781429917735/(10)1429917733
August 2009
St. Martin’s Press
320 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

When the handsome cop took a shine to Jenna Langan, an elementary school teacher with less than stellar looks according to her own self image, she fell for him hard and fast. After they got married and she became Mrs. Gage Marshall, everything in her life seemed perfect. Until it all fell apart.

Gage expected his marriage to Jenna to last a lifetime. But when he switched to vice and began to take some undercover work, he saw the uglier side of humanity, a side that he did not want his future kids raised in. One thing led to another and the next thing he knows, he is divorced from Jenna, childless, and more miserable than ever.

A year and a half has passed since Jenna and Gage's divorce, but their issues are still unresolved. Over some much needed margaritas at one of the Girls Night Out drinking parties, Jenna and her two best friends come up with a plan to give her the child she has always wanted. Only problem is, once the deed is done, in a possibly illegal manner, Gage is none too happy to find out he may have been tricked into getting his ex-wife pregnant. Moving in with her until they find out if she is pregnant may not be the smartest thing, but when Gage and Jenna finally begin to talk it gives them the closure they need and they can finally move long as they can keep their hands to themselves.

Ms. Betts writes a story in such a way that pulls the reader in and has them feel as if they are part of the script themselves. Loves Me, Loves Me Knot is a wonderfully funny and yet heartbreaking tale of what happens after the fact in a divorce between two people who should never have gone down that road in the first place. Pitting a six foot three alpha male cop against a five foot three school teacher may seem kind of unfair, but in my opinion he stood up fairly well and held his own, at least for the most part. The emotional highs and lows had the storyline coming off as very realistic and believable, and made getting to the heart of their problems all the more poignant. A remarkable novel that will have any book lover scrambling to find more stories from this incredibly talented author!

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