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ISBN: 978-1-935348-72-6
May 2010
Amira Press
E - Book
72 pages
Werewolf Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Rindy Trenton believes werewolves are monsters. They killed her mother and sister and know she has been running from them most of her life. Yet when she meets Brent, who is a werewolf, she has feelings that are anything but fear and hatred.

Brent Falls is not one of the werewolves who have gone rogue. He is one who believes that one should protect and love their mate. He has been searching forever for his mate and is ecstatic when he finds her, only Rindy has a dislike for werewolves.

Brent needs to convince Rindy to spend the rest of her live as his mate. He does not want to be without her. He needs to show her that not all werewolves are like those who killed her family. Rindy has many doubts about what she is feeling and is not sure she can overcome her fears.

What a spicy, fun read. Lycan Lust has everything you want for a bit of quick reading entertainment. The author has created a couple that is so right for each other and a storyline that does not disappoint.

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