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ISBN#: E-book-978-1-59705-389-1/Paperback-978-1-59705-659-5
June 2009
Wings ePress
227 Pages
Historical Romance/Western
Rating: 4 cups

Marjorie is the fashion plate of the Beasely clan and beloved by all her sisters. She has just returned from going to school out east and is very glad to be home. However, she does have a problem, which of the Calahan brothers is she going to marry, Douglas, or Milton?

Douglas is in love with Marjorie, and even though she and Milton have been an item for years he knows he wants her for his wife.

When Marjorie returns she is ecstatic to find that her younger sister Louise has also been returned after a year of living with the Comanches. She even does not mind the young warrior Laughing Cloud that she has brought with her. Happy to be back in the bosom of her family, she begins to make plans to open her dress shop. However, despite her happiness at being back home, her heart is torn between what she feels she should do, and what her heart wants her to do. She loves Douglas with all her heart, but she and Milton have been a couple for years and she feels she must marry him as she feels the promise between them is implied. Will Marjorie follow her heart or her head?

Marjorie's Homecoming is a truly delightful story. I really enjoyed seeing Marjorie's relationships play out, and the story kept me riveted to see just who she was going to wind up with. I had the pleasure of reading Return of Buck, the first story in this series about the eldest sister Serendipity. In that book I originally gave it three cups because I was concerned about some of the ways the author portrayed Indians. I am happy to say that Ms. Lattimer resolved all my concerns with this second book. I felt she did a fantastic job in portraying Laughing Cloud, and Indians in general. There is a lot of action in this story, and I simply could not put it down until the last page was read. The love between all the characters whether romantic or not really moved me and made the story that much more powerful. If you haven't read the books in this series, I urge you to do so at your earliest opportunity, they are fabulous!

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