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Alyx Rayner Chronicles
Book 1: Marked for Vengeance

Alyx Rayner Chronicles, Book 1
10 October 2012
Self Published
339 Pages
Fantasy Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Alyx Rayner is an angel camouflaged in a twenty-five-year-old body and life, created and sent solely to keep watch over her Marked human. Once she arrives on Earth, she is to locate her Marked and stay close by. Any other contact is forbidden. She is to blend in, but something inside her is drawn to Isaac, so she takes the risk to see him and falls for him anyway. She runs into a mysterious man who does not talk and makes her scar tingle in warning which is only the beginning of her troubles.

A single parent devoted to his son, Isaac Walsh is a widower who works at a bistro. A chance meeting with Alyx draws him to her. He has not had feelings like this since his wife’s death and is obsessed to find out who she is. During another chance meeting, a strange man tells Isaac his dreams are prophetic, and that the paintings he creates for them are not to be shared. These people whom he is meeting are more than what they appear.

Alyx and Isaac are drawn to each other. She knows she should keep away from him, but things keep throwing them together. When everyone she knows, including Isaac’s son, disappear, Alyx is finally compelled to do what she has been made for–to capture and protect her Marked. Beyond shepherding him to where she is drawn to, she fumbles in protecting him and fears she is flawed and might not keep him fully safe. Getting there is just one step to the story that is unfolding, but there is more going on.

I find this story to be really intriguing and entertaining, with the added bonus of being unique given its take on guardian angel lore. Alyx is a fascinating mix of naiveté and knowledge about what she is and what she can or cannot do. Her indecisiveness just makes her seem more human. I really like Isaac’s character. He feels so real and down-to-earth. His emotions feel genuine. This is the first book in a series and the mysteries still open at the end will make readers want to pick up the next book to see what happens.

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