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ISBN# 1-59596-428-2
Changeling Press, LLC
Pages Unavailable
Gay/Bisexual, Vampire
Rating: 3 Cups

Sean, a relatively new vampire at only one year old, is tired of living in the shadow of the man who created him. He sees all that Kane has, and wants the same things for himself. He has heard rumors that Kane is sexually attracted to men, but since he does not swing that way, thinks it is no concern of his.

Kane is a master vampire. Contrary to what Sean thinks, Kane wants him for a lover. However, Kane is patient; he waits for Sean to make his move before he shows his true nature.

It is only when Sean professes a desire to leave and start his own house that Kane makes his move. As Kane and Sean lock horns, so to speak, only at the very end does the truth of how each feels become apparent.

This is a good story that follows vampire mythology very closely. A bit gory for me, however, I still enjoyed reading about the beginning of the relationship between these two men and their struggle to see who will dominate in the end. The world building is descriptive and well written, as are the personalities of the two main characters. If you like your vampire romance a bit bloody, this is the story for you.

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