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ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3797-2
August 2009
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The Hard Way

Drew Hardage can almost see pieces of his soul slipping away each day he has to work undercover with the Zinetti crime boss. However, the end is in sight if he can convince Mara to leave the family and testify against the mob.

No one walks away from the family and lives to tell about it, a fact that Mara Luce is intimately aware of. Being Clement Zinetti’s accountant gives her the inside track on where every penny of his fortune comes from and goes to, and the only thing that keeps her alive is her silence.

Drew relentlessly works on Mara to get out, but he has yet to blow his cover. She is only aware that he is hired muscle, and that they have an aching need for each other that borders on obsession. He promises to keep her safe, but nobody is safe from Zinetti.

The raw unfettered passion between Mara and Drew rages like a forest fire out of control. They will suck you in and leave you panting in their wake.

Saturday Night Special

Working as a stripper is not exactly what Mano Kekehuna expected to be doing in his first undercover assignment for the Honolulu P.D.. Unfortunately, being in top physical condition and knowing how to dance put him at the top of his commander’s list.

A quiet, unassuming, midwest librarian seeks out a stripper in the Man, Oh Man! strip club in Honolulu, Hawaii. How Rachel Grant ever let her sister Hayley talk her into doing this, she will never know.

Mano knows he will never live this down, his only hope is to catch the Black Widow killer red handed, and maybe the guys on the force will cut him a little slack. It is doubtful, but maybe. The gorgeous redhead checking him out during his act fits the profile perfectly, now he just has to lure her in. Rachel finds the perfect stripper for her sister’s bachelorette party, but after a little one on one time, she would prefer to keep him all to herself.

Saturday Night Special has all of the earmarks of a great read. The characters and plot line are fun, lively, and holy smoking hot.

Cuffed Heat

Hard as nails, and with a mouth that just does not quit, Reagan Crosby pulls no punches when it comes to getting the job done. She is an inner city detective with attitude in spades. Her only weakness: a baby-faced detective with a body that makes her quiver in her stilettos.

When it comes to family, Detective Thaine McDuff really hit the jackpot. He spends as much time trying to keep his brother out of jail as he does tracking down killers, and being paired with Reagan does not make his job any easier.

Reagan has the body of an angel, and the mouth of a trucker, two little facts keeping Thaine on the razor’s edge of constant arousal and total exasperation. Things are heating up on the streets and in the sheets for Reagan and Thaine, but they must find a way to coexist on the job without burning the entire city down in the process.

Reagan and Thaine are a little hard to get a handle on. Their sexual attraction is clearly evident, and they both have an intense loyalty to family, but personality-wise they clash tremendously. I would love to see them break out into a series; the fireworks would be spectacular.

These men in blue are pulse pounding, heart stopping, and devilishly dangerous. Drew is a real bruiser with the heart of a lion. Mano, in a loincloth, could melt the Northern icecap. Thaine is pure lusciousness all wrapped up with a silk tie. Put all three together in one anthology and you have the makings of a very happy day of reading. Each story is bound to raise your blood pressure, so I recommend you prop your feet up, get a glass of your favorite bubbly, and put in a few hours of uninterrupted pleasure time.

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