Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9780062011800
27 October 2011
William Morrow
Trade Paperback
357 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Waking up from night terrors night after night is beginning to wear on Jack Redmond, not to mention it is putting a serious strain on his relationship with Molly. The last thing he wants to do is go to some shrink to find answers. Molly, however, is giving him little choice.

Her mother’s declining mental health tears at Libby Harrow’s heart. Barely remembering her father, Libby is certain he is to blame for her mother’s state of mind.

Jack needs to find answers before he loses his mind to his nightmares. To do so, he has to go back to his childhood town. Molly is livid with his decision, yet for once Jack will not back down to her demands. The years of caring for her mother have kept Libby from moving on with her own life, which makes her think more and more of her childhood friend Jack. Remembering Libby very fondly, Jack would love to see her again, which he hopes will be possible in his quest to find answers.

The nightmares that plague Jack are so terrifying he waffles back and forth about seeking help, much like an alcoholic who does not want to admit having a drinking problem. Molly begs him to seek help, which in my opinion is well within her right, yet she does a complete one-eighty when he becomes determined to find answers. Libby’s loving care for her mother is without question completely selfless and amazing. I would really like to have seen much less of Molly and Jack’s relationship and more of his re-acquaintance with Libby and his hometown.

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