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ISBN: (10)0451227476 / 9780451227478 / 9781101059272 / 9781101058947 /9781101058619
July 7, 2009
Signet Eclipse, an imprint of Penguin Group USA Inc.
Paperback/ Ebook
$7.99(US) $9.99(CAN)-Paperback/ $7.99-Ebook
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The Mystic Isle of Aelynn is full of magical people and talents beyond anyone’s imagination. Lissandra Olympus comes from a mother who is the spiritual leader and as cold as ice. Her mother, Dylys’ belief is: all feelings must be held in and, as spiritual leader, no sympathy must be shown.

Whereas Lissandra tries to keep all emotions inside, Murdoch LeDroit cannot seem to contain his. When his anger gets the best of him, fires break out and the wind destroys buildings and anyone in its path. A brutal announcement shook Murdoch’s very foundation. He left after his temper got the best of him and accidently killed Luther, Lissandra’s father.

Four years have passed since the fateful day when her father was killed. Now Lissandra’s mother has passed away and the gods have deemed someone outside of Aelynn the rightful Oracle to guide the Mystic Isle. Lissandra knows she must journey to the outside world and retrieve Murdoch, for who else could the new Oracle be? However, once she sees what the future Oracle has been up to, will she still crave him as a mate with all the blood that is on his hands?

Ms. Rice has written a very interesting novel about another world and its people within. Mystic Warrior pits a man who is a warrior against a woman who feels violence is not the answer. For the most part, this is a great read, with only one part of the plot that really bothered me -- the way Lissandra seems to look at Murdoch as a lesser man because he cannot control his emotions. Other than that, this book from the Mystic Isle series can be read as a standalone and is an entertaining read.

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