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ISBN# 9781607671183
February 2011
Tease Publishing
E Book
152 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gianna is a hybrid; part vampire and part human. She is considered dangerous by both races and has to hide what she is. Her parents were killed because of her birth, and she is determined to avenge them.

Mattias is ancient, suave, devastatingly handsome and the vampire who was forced to kill Gianna’s parents. He hated to do it, but it was his duty.

Nicholas is also a vampire. He is dark and dangerous with a hidden agenda.

Gianna has had one ambition for hundreds of years; to kill the person responsible for the murder of her parents. They were murdered because they refused to destroy her, and she is determined to make Mattias Vitale pay. She infiltrates his Coven and finds to her horror that she is attracted to him. Nicholas Sutton enters the picture and confuses things even further. She is incredibly attracted to both vampires, but cannot trust either.

This is the beginning of an intriguing new series. The author has created a fascinating world with dark, scary, and very sexy characters. The plot is engrossing and exciting, making it very hard to stop reading for even a minute. The characters are vividly real and fully developed and their dialogue and interactions are very well written. This author is definitely going to be an asset to the genre.

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