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ISBN: Unavailable-eBook/9781933417486-Print
May 2009
Imajinn Books
235 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Emma Gray swears she will never be a victim again. She came face to face with death and survived. Done hiding from life; she decides to give her savior a chance.

James Winchester will never forget the night he saved Emma. He has waited for 5 years to tell her how he feels and now he may never get a chance.

Emma and James may never explore their blossoming feelings because once again the monster of death has returned. This time the vampire is determined that Emma will be his for all eternity.

No Fear is a wonderful book that is full of suspense, horror, and romance. The ability of Emma to survive the first encounter is amazing, but the author’s description of subsequent victims is detailed and scary. Allie Harrison used an eloquent writing style to throw the reader into the fight for life against corpses from a cemetery. This is a thrilling read that provides a little bit of everything to keep any reader turning the page.

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